Whether it is live action sports, shooting to tape, or programmed moves with a 35mm film camera, Cablecam can provide the shot you need.

Cablecam has HD 1080i, 720p, and SD camera heads available for your shoot. We can also mount your 35mm film camera, IMAX camera, Super slow motion camera, or 3D camera head to our remotely operated system. Our camera heads come standard with 13x4.5 wide angle lenses. They are housed within advanced gyro-stabilized gimbals, providing smooth, stable shots at speed. For live action, we take the video feed from the camera to your broadcast truck using reliable fiber optic cable.

Cablecam provides aerial shots that can’t be achieved with jibs and booms. Based on the lens height and path of your shot, experienced Cablecam riggers will determine a customized solution to suspend the camera at your venue. This is normally achieved by our system of ropes and pulleys, and we also have customized aluminum track available. System options include a one, two, or three axis system depending on space and shot requirements. Cablecam will use any existing hard points your venue has to offer (such as truss or lighting grids). If no hard points exist, our crew can either set up truss towers or rig off of cranes, or aerial lifts.

The system uses proven motion control software to remotely pilot the camera platform through space. We provide manual or programmed, repeatable shots, depending on your needs. The motion control software, electronic winches, and motors are equipped with advanced technical and safety innovations.