Oct 01, 2009Stadium and Arena

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Prague's 02 Arena revealed some of the secrets on its success to visitors from visitors from Stadia & Arena 2009. Stanislava Doubravova, head of the program department, and her colleagues hosted visits to the AV control room and the arena's 'brewery'. The arena has fulfilled its ambition to become a major European multifunction venue. It has staged Euroleague's Final Fours, Davis Cup tennis and Motley Crue was setting up on the day of the visit, with Limpbizkit following close behind.

The AV control room is an interesting mix of digital video and analogue audio technology, bringing a high-level of AV entertainment to the spectator bowl. The latest addition is the purchase of a Cablecam which delivers the kind of TV pictures you may have seen watching Euro 2008 soccer, a game at Wembley or a NFL clash. Cablecam takes CA drawings and comes up with a certificated plan that provides the support structure can hold the camera. The camera is stabilized by gyros and so always delivers a rock-steady picture. Two rope, each arcing out from a high point, thread through pulleys that provide movement in three dimensions.

Cablecam requires at least a team of two - one using a joystick control to move it around, one operating the zoom, pan, and tilt. Cablecam's Ben Simpson says that the most demand so far has for rental by broadcast companies but the way that 02 Arena uses its Cablecam, to broadcast overhead flythroughs to the big screen, could catch on in venues

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